Exporting Contacts from LionDesk

You can bring your contacts from LionDesk into Follow Up Boss using these steps:

Export your Contacts from LionDesk

  1. Go to your profile page in LionDesk

  2.  Under your profile picture, click "Export LionDesk Contacts" 
  3.  The CSV file with your contacts will be sent to your email. According to LionDesk, only contacts you own will be included in the file. More details here.

Export Your Contact Events File from Liondesk

We currently support importing the history of comment notes directly from Liondesk's Event File. To get started, once you've downloaded your Contacts you can grab your contacts event file using these instructions below.

 Lion Desk Export Event File

  1.  Click on the following link to export your notes - Export notes
  2.  Log in to your LionDesk account.
  3.  Choose the option to "Export Events"

  4. An export events.csv will be automatically downloaded for you.
  5. *important: We do not recommend exporting your contacts from this page. 

Need Help? You can Email your contacts file and events file to support@followupboss.com and we can help import them.

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