Initial Text Autoresponder

Follow Up Boss can send automated text messages to new leads. You can add a text message to an action plan and it will be sent to new leads with valid phone numbers that this action plan is triggered for. 

How to enable text autoresponders?

- Select Admin, then Action Plans in the top menu (admin users only).

- If you already have an action plan setup for new leads and want to add a text message to it, open that action plan. Follow Up Boss ships with "Buyers engagement emails" and "Seller Lead Drip" for buyers and sellers respectively, so even if you just signed up, there are action plans that you can use. Click on the action plan you'd like to add a text message to:

- Click on the "Add initial text message" link:

- Type the message you'd like to send to new leads. There is a limit of 300 characters. You can use merge fields for lead name, agent name, etc. When finished, click Save.

- You can set a delay to send a text message X minutes after the lead comes in. It may feel more natural for the recipient when text message arrives a few minutes later rather than immediately.

This activates sending automated text messages to new leads that this action plan is triggered for. You should also check the  Lead Flow page to make sure this action plan will be triggered for the right lead sources.

 Sample autoresponders

Here is a sample autoresponder you can use for buyer leads:

Hi %contact_first_name%, re: %inquiry_address%. What's the best time to call you? -%agent_first_name%

And one for seller leads:

Hi %contact_first_name%, thanks for your home value request. What's the best time of the day to reach you? -%agent_first_name%

How do I know if a lead was sent a text message?

When an automated text message is sent for a new lead it leaves an entry in the Timeline on the lead's details page:

 How to disable a text autoresponder?

To remove a text autoresponder from an action plan, open the action plan and delete the message in the text autoresponder field, then click the Save button to save your changes:

 What happens when a lead replies to the message?

If the lead sends a text message to that number, we will send a push notification on mobile and desktop notification to the the assigned agent. You will be able to see their text message in the Follow Up Boss Inbox and respond from there.

Important: to then reply back to the lead again via text and receive future texts from them you must download and install our iPhone or Android app and have push notifications turned on.

The message sent to a lead is sent from the number displayed in the action plan:

If the lead calls that number we will connect the call to the assigned agent.  Replies to this number will also be displayed in the Timeline on the lead's details page.

If the lead calls that number using a different phone, we will not be able to identify the lead, in that case we will connect the call to the account owner's phone number.

Why didn't it send a text to that lead?

There are a few common reasons why a text message is not sent to a lead:  

- Text messages will not send between 9pm and 8am in the local time of the assigned agent. They will queue and send the following morning at 8am.  More details on queued text messages.

- It's not a new lead. We only send automated text messages to new leads, for example if you apply an action plan manually to existing lead, it won't send a text message to them. 

- Action plan wasn't triggered for that lead. If you don't see a line in history about the action plan where the text message is configured, it means that the action plan didn't run and the text message wasn't sent. The most common reason for that is this action plan is not activated for the lead source this contact came from. Check the   Lead Flow screen to make sure the action plan is setup for the lead sources you'd like it to run.

- Lead doesn't have a phone number or the number is not valid. We need a valid phone number to be able to send a text message, as you know some leads come without one, so text message won't be sent for them.

- Lead did not ask for information.  We only send automated text messages to leads which registered on your website, or leads which made a property inquiry, general inquiry, seller inquiry or visited an open house.