Action Plans Overview

Action Plans prevent contacts from slipping through the cracks and keep your schedule on track. Your account will come pre-equipped with several of our most successful Action Plans that you can start using right away. Find more Action Plans to use in the  Action Plan Sharing Library.

Use Action Plans for: 

  • Automatically sending an initial text message to your new leads.
  • Automatically sending a series of drip emails to your leads and contacts.
  • Automatically creating a series of follow up tasks on your calendar.
  • Automatically adding or removing tags on leads.
  • Automatically assigning or removing collaborators on leads.
  • Automatically changing a lead's Stage.

How the Action Plans page works

1. Go to the Admin > Action Plans page to access your team’s Action Plans page.
2. Click the “View” icon to view a breakdown of the Action Plan’s steps.
3. Click the “Edit” icon to edit the Action Plan (Admins only).
4. Click the “Duplicate” icon to duplicate the Action Plan (Admins only).
5. Click the “Share” icon to share the Action Plan to the Action Plan Sharing Library (Admins only).
6. Click the “Trash” icon to permanently delete the Action Plan (Admins only).

7. The "Steps" column displays the number of steps included in the Action Plan.
8. The "Active" column displays the number of contacts who are active on the Action Plan.
9. The "Engaged" column displays the number of contacts who engaged with the Action Plan (specifically the contacts who responded to the Action Plan or whose Action Plan was manually paused).
10. The "Complete" column displays the number of contacts who have completed the Action Plan.
11. The "Category" column displays the Action Plan's category (if it's shared to the Action Plan Sharing Library).

How to see all Action Plans assigned to a contact

To see a list of a contact's running, paused, or completed Action Plans:
1. Scroll down to the Action Plans box on the contact’s profile page. 
2. Click on the "Show all" link to see all Action Plans assigned to that contact, including completed and paused Action Plans.

3. Click on the Action Plan name to see more information, including the steps that ran and the steps that are scheduled in the future.

How to see the number of people on an action plan

  1. Navigate to Admin > Action Plans
  2. Click the blue numbers under Active, Engaged, or Complete
  3. This will take you to a Smart List of these contacts.

How to pause a running Action Plan 

1. Open the contact's profile page.
2. Click the "Running" link next to the running Action Plan in the Action Plans box to open a drop down menu.
3. In the drop-down click "Pause" to stop the Action Plan.

How to apply an Action Plan multiple times

Action Plans can be applied to a lead multiple times! Follow the steps outlined here for more information. 

How to Unsubscribe Contacts from Action Plans

  • Each Action Plan email will automatically display an unsubscribe link, which your leads can click to unsubscribe.
  • When a lead unsubscribes from an Action Plan email, they will be auto-tagged as "Unsubscribed" in your FUB database, and they will be blocked from receiving Action Plan emails in the future.
  • Please note Individual, 1:1 emails can still be sent to unsubscribed contacts (only Action Plan emails are blocked from sending). 

What time Action Plan emails send

  • An initial email set to send on day zero is sent immediately after the Action Plan is applied to a person
  • Other emails configured for the 2nd day or later are sent daily around 9 am local time (per the timezone of your account)

When do Action Plan tasks appear

  • Tasks created by an action plan will be posted at around 4am on the morning that they are due. 

How to use Action Plans in the mobile app

Action Plans can't be used for: 

  • Automatically sending drip text messages (besides the initial text). For automated texting we recommend: Drip Text Integrations
  • Automatically sending a series of drip Email Templates or creating Tasks for a group of contacts. Action Plans can be assigned to one person at a time from the person's profile page.
  • Applying as a mass action to an existing group of contacts.
  • Sending a text message when manually applied. It's best to save your initial text as a template, and then to manually send out that text to your contact.


Watch this quick video explaining how Action Plans work. It covers setting up action plans, applying action plans to leads automatically, and manually pausing an Action Plan: