Creating Email Templates

Email templates can be used for:

Managing email templates

You can manage email templates under Admin > Email Templates screen.

To create a new email template, click the "Add Template" button:

Sharing email templates with your team

Emails can be shared with everyone. If you create an email template, you can choose to share it or not.

Using Merge Fields

Merge Fields are fields that will be replaced with the appropriate information. For example, %contact_name%would be replaced with "John Doe" if that is the name of your contact.

Using Email Templates

To use an email template when you are replying or creating a new email to a contact via 1:1 email, you can:

  • Simply click the "Use a Template" button
  • Or, at the beginning of a line, type '/template name' and you will be presented with a popover with a list of matching templates.