Integrating Your Own Website

Connect your custom website with Follow Up Boss to:

  • Capture Leads
  • Immediately Distribute Leads to Agents
  • Follow Up with Automated Action Plans
  • Track Activity e.g. Property Saves, Returns to Website, Etc.
  • Autodial Leads via Call Lists
  • Centralize Lead Management
  • Create and Close More Deals

Ways to Integrate Your Website with Follow Up Boss

There are three primary ways to integrate your website with Follow Up Boss:


 (Best full integration) 

Email Parsing

 (Gathers data found in emails only) 


 (Third party) 



API integration is the most robust option for integrating your website with Follow Up Boss. It allows you to capture leads, send over detailed data, and track dynamic activity such as leads returning to your website and property saves.

Email Parsing

Lead information is passed to Follow Up Boss via an email parser that's in a standardized format for our system to read. This method typically captures information like name, phone number, property address, zip code, and price.

  • Developers can use formatting to send lead information to Follow Up Boss. This is a very popular format for the real estate industry.
  • The Follow Up Boss Email Parser is an excellent choice for those who have the ability to customize the format in which leads are sent via email.
  • Agents and Brokers can create a custom parser fairly simply using the Zapier Parser platform. This option is best for receiving leads from systems that do not have a direct Zapier connection as shown below.  (How to Create A Custom Parser)


Zapier is a third-party platform that gives two different software systems the ability to "talk" to each other easily.

There are hundreds of providers on Zapier such as Squarespace, Gravity Forms (Wordpress), Lead Pages, Instapage, Unbounce, ManyChat, Google Sheets, etc.

Track Lead Activity to Better Engage Leads

Track activity on your website to engage with the leads who are most likely to work with you right away.

The Follow Up Boss Pixel is a powerful tracker that seamlessly pushes activity information into FUB from any website that you have. 

This tool will track valuable lead info such as returns to website and viewed properties. We'll also let you know who is online now so you can follow up with hot leads right away.

Get more leads on the phone using call and text prompts offered via our website tracker Calls to Action. (CTAs)

How to Setup Website Tracking

Web Forms

If you're looking to create a simple lead capture form for your front desk, call center, or website, Jotform is a free option that doesn't require a third-party system like Zapier.

How to Setup Jotform


Our team is here to help you determine the best integration options! Reach out to our support team with questions: