Zapier allows you to connect different software apps to Follow Up Boss.

Get data into/out of your account or perform advanced actions in FUB, such as having an appointment add a tag to a contact. 

Main Hub

The most popular workflows (Zaps) are on our hub which can be found here:


Triggers are events that start a Zap. They are the first step. There are six triggers from Follow Up Boss that you can use to initiate an Action in another platform.



An Action is an event that a Zap performs. It occurs based on a trigger. There are 13 actions that can occur in Follow Up Boss as a result of an initial trigger.


Sending Leads to Follow Up Boss

There are two Actions that create a new lead in Follow Up Boss. The first will trigger action plans like a regular lead source, the second will not.

New Inquiry or Website Event

For sending leads into Follow Up Boss, use the "New Inquiry or Website Event" option. This will trigger action plans and alert the assigned agent. When setting up this action, make sure you choose the event type the best represents this event. Note: Only the following event types will trigger action plans: "Registration", "Seller Inquiry", "Property Inquiry", "General Inquiry", and "Visited Open House"

If it's a seller lead, apply the "Seller" tag to ensure Follow Up Boss puts any address as the contact's address vs the inquiry address. Specify any other tags that you want applied to this lead that might be important for assigning this lead to the correct flow.

Create or Update Contact Without Triggering Action Plans

This other option is useful if you want to just add the person to your database or update a contact. Choosing this action will not alert anyone or trigger any action plans. It will also not interact with lead flow in any way.

FUB to FUB Zaps

You can use Follow Up Boss as both a Trigger and Action to enhance and customize your account.


  • Adding Collaborators when a new Deal is created.
  • Creating a task and applying an action plan with a Deal is closed.

Multi-Step Zaps

Paid Zapier plans allow you to create Zaps that have three or more steps. You can use a combination of triggers and actions to make events occur in both Follow Up Boss and multiple other apps at the same time.


  • Updating a Google Sheet, sending a postcard, and subscribing someone to a special emailing list when a Deal is created in Follow Up Boss.
  • Triggering a drip text series from Send Hub and creating task when a stage is updated in Follow Up Boss.