This feature is available to all customers on the "Platform" plan.

Create teams

To create teams in your account, click on Admin → Teams, and then click the [+ Add Team] button.

Enter a team name you want and press the Save Changes icon.  Then select which users should be part of the new team, and click [Save].  

Team leaders

The main purpose of using teams is so that you can designate one or more members of the team as a team leader.   Team leaders have access to all leads assigned to any member of the team, and any leads a team member is a collaborator on.

When on the team screen, you can select which members of the team should be a team leader by using the checkbox under the "Team Leader" column:

 Team leaders are not able to assign leads to groups. They can only assign to ponds if they are apart of that pond or if someone on their team is in the pond.

Account Team Leaders

As a platform customer, you also have access to the ISA role, also known as Account Team Leaders.  An account team leader is an agent or a lender who has access to all leads in your account but does NOT have access to admin features.

Account Team Leaders will be able to see all ponds and assign leads to groups and ponds.