Changing a Lead Stage

Stages in Follow Up Boss are perfect for tracking who a contact is to you right now. Keep your contacts' stages updated and you'll know when it's time to follow up again.

Define Your Stages

Define your stages so you know exactly where each contact fits in your pipeline. If you don’t have definitions in mind, use these:

Stage Definition
Lead   New contacts you haven't talked to yet. Once you've talked to them, update their stage to show who they are to you now.
Note: Newly added contacts will automatically start in the Lead stage.
Hot Prospect  Someone who will be ready to move in the next three months
Nurture   Someone who says they will be moving more than three months from now
Active Client  Someone you are working with right now
Closed Someone you recently closed. Keep them in this stage while you wrap up paperwork, send a thank you card, and ask for referrals/reviews.
Past Client Someone who worked with you in the past and is not currently back in the market.
Sphere Someone in your sphere of influence. This is a good stage to use for people you want to stay in touch with, but who aren't currently in the market.
Unresponsive   Someone who has stopped responding to you, but you want to continue working with.
Trash Contacts you are no longer working with. You can recover contacts from Trash if you need to work with them again in the future.
Note: Contacts in the Trash stage will automatically be hidden from your smart lists.


Keep Your Contacts' Stage Updated

Your follow-ups will be more efficient and more targeted when you keep your contacts' stages updated. 

You can see and change someone's stage from the computer or the app on your phone. Here's how:

To change more than one person's stage at a time, use mass actions.

Leveling Up

  • Use these smart lists to automatically know when it's time to follow up again!
  • Use tags on top of stages to group contacts. Buyer, Seller, Renter, etc. make great tags. 
  • Advanced: Does your team use different terms for stages? Account Owners can customize stages for the team.
  • Advanced: Does your team want automations based on stages? Action plans can update stages automatically. Zapier can build automations around stages and stage changes.