How can I try calling for free?

You can try the calling add-on for free before you buy it. With the calling add-on, any user in Follow Up Boss can make and receive calls and texts from a personal phone number that only they have access to. You can create a calling list to quickly reach out to your contacts, promote your unique number on marketing materials, and more!

To try calling:

  • Click Admin (must be done from the account owner's account)
  • Click Billing
  • Click Try Calling Add-On

Eligibility: You can try calling until the end of your Follow Up Boss free trial, or for 14 days every 6 months if you are a paid subscriber. If you are already paying for the calling add-on you cannot try calling for free. Only 20 users may receive calling as part of the trial.

Select the users you want to try the calling add-on and press 'Save Changes'. You're ready to start calling! If you want to change the phone number we pre-selected for any user, press edit next to their phone number and choose a new one. For more information on our calling add-on, please see our other help articles in the calling section.

How will I get billed for calling?

If you already have a Follow Up Boss subscription and you try calling, we'll start billing you as soon as your trial ends for any user that still has the calling add-on turned on. You can see what day your trial ends on the right side of the page.

At the end of your trial period, you will be billed for any users who have the calling add-on activated. If you do not wish to keep the calling add-on for any user, simply press the 'Cancel trial' link and confirm you would like to cancel. Your users will lose access to the calling add-on and its features. You can do this any time before the end of your trial period to avoid being billed.

If you do not have a Follow Up Boss subscription, you'll be asked if you want to continue paying for the calling add-on when you upgrade.