Custom Fields

Account owners can set up custom fields to track additional data.

There are four types of custom fields:

  • Date
  • Text
  • Number
  • Dropdown

To set up or view your custom fields, log in as the account owner and go to Admin > Custom Fields.

Please note that for sorting to work correctly, the custom field needs to have the correct field type. For example, a Birthday field needs to be set up with Date type; whereas, fields like Commission or Number of Page Views need to be a number.

Custom Fields Location

Custom fields appear on the left side of the contact record:

You can display custom fields on the People screen by clicking the "Columns" button and ticking custom fields to display:

Sorting & Filtering by Custom Field

You can also filter and sort by custom fields on the People screen:

More Info Here: Filters & Smart Lists

Merge Fields in Email & Text Templates

You can use any of your custom fields as merge fields in email and text templates.

Using Custom Merge Fields

Using Custom Fields to Connect Contacts

If you have two or more contacts you'd like to link together, but still want them to keep their own profiles, rather than use our Contact Relationships feature you can use custom fields! Here's how it works:

1. Create a custom field under Admin > Custom Fields ("Spouse Link" for example)
2. Copy the link URL (in the address bar up top) for the other person you'd like to connect
3. In the custom field you created on the main contact's profile, paste the profile link URL

Whenever you are in one person's profile, you can quickly click on the link and be directed to the profile for their spouse, or any other type of contact you'd like to connect.