Real Estate Webmasters


Connect your Real Estate Webmasters website to Follow Up Boss for powerful lead engagement, deal tracking, and centralized management of your leads from all sources.

Note: recent versions of REW's backend may not support the Follow Up Boss integration. REW is planning to release their own CRM with an available API. Once available, we will check if we can integrate with it for IDX activity data.

Popular Ways to Use the Integration

Centralized Calling & Phone Lead Routing

Manage all of your calls in one central platform.

Connect High-Priority Leads with Your Top Agents: Place your Team Inbox number on your website, ads, signs and more to route incoming phone leads to the agents of your choice.

Make & Track Calls Right From Your CRM: Connect with leads more quickly and see which agents are making the most calls using our integrated Calling feature.

Power Through Follow Up with Automated Dialing

Make connections with your hottest leads, stay in touch with your nurtures, and power through today’s tasks with one-click Call Lists.

Know Who to Follow Up with and When

We’ll show you who to reach out on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis using top-notch Smart Lists that help you stay on top of everyone in your database.

Customize Your Platform with Ongoing Coaching & Support

We’ll help you get the most out of your website and lead providers by providing top-notch coaching on lead conversion from start to finish. Our 7-day a week support and success teams are here to help you create and implement systems that work for you.

Importing your REW contacts

Step 1 - Export your REW contacts and Import into Follow Up Boss

a. In REW, click on "Leads"

b. Hover your mouse over Tools and then click "Export Leads"

c. Where it says Select from Available Data, click the link that says "Select All"

d. Click "Download Export"

e. Import that downloaded file into Follow Up Boss by going to Admin > Import

Doing this import before connecting REW to FUB ensures that the leads in your REW account are assigned to the same agent in Follow Up Boss, and it makes sure that events like someone coming back to visit your website don't trigger new lead behaviors in Follow Up Boss.

Step 2 - REW has an IDX integration with Follow Up Boss. To turn it on, access the Partners tab in REW and enter your API key.

Before turning on the integration, make sure you have done an export/import of your REW leads to Follow Up Boss so the correct agent is assigned already and leads returning to the website do not trigger new leads in Follow Up Boss.

How REW Connects to Follow Up Boss

Available integration types:


 (Best full integration) 

Email Parsing

 (Gathers data found in emails only) 


 (Third party) 


API: Available to REW clients with upgraded Partner integration. (Contact your REW rep for more information.)

Email Parsing: Standard for those without the upgraded connection.

Upgraded Integration Setup

If you have an older REW backend, you may need to upgrade your integration to ensure the assigned agent is kept in sync between the systems. This is important so that the agent can adjust listing alerts when needed. Contact your REW product consultant about this.

  • Sync assigned agent in Follow Up Boss back to REW
  • Send Quick Inquire leads to Follow Up Boss
  • Sync tags between the system
  • Sync manually added leads in REW to Follow Up Boss
  • Send the link to the lead in the backend of REW to Follow Up Boss

Alternative Setup

You can turn off the API integration and set up each user in your backend with their Lead Routing Email address. This will ensure the same agent assigned in REW is assigned in Follow Up Boss, but will not include property views information.

Setting Notification Preferences on the New REW Backend

If you're set up on the new REW backend, Follow Up Boss cannot be connected via API and you will need to send in your lead notifications via email to your email. In order to navigation to where you can set notification email settings, you'll want to click the dashboard button at the top right, select Preferences, and then from the new screen click on where it says Notification Settings: 

From here, you can then select which notifications you'd like to go to your lead email address: