Company Number

The Company Number routes incoming calls and texts from your contacts to the assigned agent in Follow Up Boss. If a contact is not in Follow Up Boss then that text or call will route to the members of the team inbox instead.

What is my Company Number?

You can find this number under Company Settings or your Team Inbox

This virtual number is used to send and track texts with your contacts.


Unique Agent Follow Up Boss number

Follow Up Boss has a calling feature that's popular for use with ISAs and agents making high volume calls from their desktop. 

If someone has the dialer enabled or you are on our Pro or Platform plan, texts to their contacts and from action plans assigned to them will be sent from their unique Follow Up Boss number instead of this Company Number.

Reassigned leads and ex agents

Using the company number means that once a lead is reassigned to a new agent that person will get all future texts and calls from the leads. This is a great way to retain ownership over your leads and database.


Follow Up Boss Number FAQs

What happens if a lead calls this number?

If a lead calls this number, the call will be routed to the number listed on the assigned agent's settings page. 

If a lead texts this number, we will notify the assigned agent through our mobile apps. 

If the number doesn't match anyone in Follow Up Boss we will call or text the members of the team inbox.

Can I change this number to a new area code?

Yes. Keep in mind this will change the number for your entire team, and render your current number immediately inactive. 

This can be done under the Company Settings

Can I use my own cell phone number?

For texting through the desktop app we use the company texting number as phone companies do not allow tracking or sending of texts as your personal cell number.

Through the mobile apps you can opt to text using your own number, though note in that case the text message won't be automatically tracked in Follow Up Boss.

You can port numbers into Follow Up Boss.

I did a test text and it didn't work, why?

Texts from Follow Up Boss users to the Company Number are treated differently and not processed, try a test from a number which is not a users number in Follow Up Boss.

What is the difference between the company number and other team inbox numbers?

The company number attempts to route texts and calls to the agent assigned in Follow Up Boss. This is useful for allowing everyone to text from one number and also cases where you want the assigned agent to be the person to get the call or text e.g. Ylopo Raiya fallback number.

The Team Inbox number is useful when you want to optimize for the maximum call answer rate and do not mind who specifically answers calls or texts. This is often used in team situations with sign calls, numbers on marketing websites etc.

We indicate the Company Number specifically under team inbox settings.