First to Claim

How First to Claim lead assignment works

First to Claim lead assignment alerts a group of agents when new leads are created in Follow Up Boss. When a new lead is created, all members of the First to Claim group will receive a  push notification alert on their phones. The first member of the group who claims the lead (via the push notification) will be assigned to it in Follow Up Boss.

If you try to claim a lead after it's claimed by another team member, you will be informed that the lead has already been claimed. 

If no one claims the lead, it will be assigned to a specified fallback agent after a specified amount of time. The fallback agent may be a member of the First to Claim group, but doesn't have to be.

Best practices and important notes

  • First to Claim push notifications to claim new leads will only display on your iPhone or Android device via the Follow Up Boss mobile app. 
  • Download the mobile app for iPhone here and for Android here.
  • First to Claim push notifications to claim new leads will only display if you have the Follow Up Boss mobile app's push notifications turned on. 
  • Turn on push notifications by following the steps here: Push Notifications
  • First to Claim notifications are not sent via email or text.
  • When you receive a First to Claim push notification, tapping the notification (not swiping it) will prompt you to claim the lead. Swiping the notification can clear it and prevent you from claiming the lead.
  • Every team member should watch the video below before being set on First to Claim assignment:

How to activate First to Claim lead assignment rules (for Admins)

First, you'll want to visit your Groups page to create a First to Claim group.

You can change any existing group to a First to Claim group, or you can add a new group. 

To edit an existing group, click the "edit" icon on the right of the group. 

To add a new group, click "Add Group" at the top-right of this page.

Give your group a name and select which agents should be part of the group. 

Select the "First to Claim" option.

Specify the amount of time you'd like to allow leads to go unclaimed, and specify the fallback agent to whom you'd like any unclaimed leads to assign.

The maximum time for leads to remain unclaimed is 30 minutes. This is so action plans and autoresponder texts send quickly to new leads. 

Note: Make sure that all the agents added to the group have the Follow Up Boss app installed on their phone with push notifications turned on. Leads can only be claimed with the iPhone or Android app via push notification.

After you have created your First to Claim group, visit your Lead Flow page to assign your lead sources to this group. 

Note: Lender groups cannot be changed to First to Claim; they are always Round Robin groups.

How to claim a new lead

When an unclaimed lead is available to an agent, they will receive a push notification on their phone. 

Tapping the notification will prompt the agent to claim the lead. Unclaimed leads are also displayed on the recent screen, and can be claimed there.