Microsoft O365 Calendar

When you connected your Microsoft email to Follow Up Boss, you will begin to sync appointments and tasks between your Follow Up Boss and O365 calendar.

If you have a connected Microsoft email but are not seeing the calendar sync, disconnect and reconnect your email from your My Settings page. 

Once connected, you will see a Follow Up Boss Tasks folder within your O365 calendar. Tasks with a time and a date will sync to this calendar.

Tasks with a time and a date will sync to this calendar. If there is not a time and a date specified, as is the case with tasks added via action plans, the task will not show up in your O365 calendar.

Synced tasks will include the contact's name, email address, and link to the Follow Up Boss profile.

Changes made to the task in Follow Up Boss will be synced to your O365 calendar. 


Once connected, you will see your O365 appointments in Follow Up Boss and new appointments created in Follow Up Boss will be added to your O365 calendar. Any synced appointments will have the Microsoft symbol to easily navigate to your O365 calendar:

Synced appointments will include the name, date, time, location, invitees' email addresses, and description of the event. They will be synced to your main O365 calendar. 


All appointment invitees will be notified when an appointment is created or updated. If you do not want someone to receive a notification, remove them as an invitee. You can create an appointment without an invitee from the Calendar page.


  1. Be sure to select your default calendar when viewing appointments in Outlook
  2. Make sure you have the "Follow Up Boss Tasks" calendar turned on to view tasks.
  3. Make sure you are creating a task that has both a date and time in Follow Up Boss.

Events removed from Outlook are still showing in Follow Up Boss

If you run into a situation where events you've removed an appointment from your O365 calendar but are still seeing it in your Follow Up Boss calendar, you'll want to disconnect and reconnect your Google connection in order to re-sync the events. You'll be able to disconnect from your Settings or by navigating to this page and using the disconnect button as seen below:


I'm connected with Microsoft but my calendar isn't syncing. How do I fix this?
In order for your calendar to sync, you will need to connect your email using OAuth. To tell if you are connected with OAuth, you will see "OAuth" next to your connected email on the My Settings page. You will also see the "Share your calendar" options

If you do not see these options, disconnect your email and connect again using "Sign in with Microsoft". 

Which O365 calendar is synced?
The primary calendar is what is synced to Follow Up Boss. The primary calendar is attached to the email address you used to connect to Follow Up Boss. It is named "Calendar" by default.

How do I set recurring appointments?
Recurring appointments should be set in Microsoft and they will then sync to Follow Up Boss.

Can I set up custom reminders?
You can set up default reminder options in Microsoft under Settings > Calendar> Events and Invitations