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The mobile inbox provides on-the-go access for all communications. Access emails, text messages, and calls in one central location.

Your Direct Inbox

View communication from your assigned leads by tapping the inbox icon:

  • Text Messages: Indicated by a blue speech bubble. Tap to reply.
  • Voicemails: Indicated by a green play icon. Follow Up Boss will automatically transcribe your voicemails.
  • Emails: Indicated by a blue envelope icon. Tap to open.

Team Inbox

The Team Inbox allows you to collaborate on incoming communications with your team.

1. To access the Team Inbox, tap the dropdown at the top of the screen:

2. A menu of inboxes will now display. Click to access the inbox of your choice: 

Filter Out Emails to Address Priority Phone Communication

Filter out emails to reply to your calls and text messages first.

1. Tap the icon at the top-left of the inbox:

2. You'll now see a message stating the inbox is only showing calls and texts:

3. Tap the icon again to remove the filter and show all communications, including emails.

Notes and @mentions in the inbox

From My Inbox, you can now add a note to a conversation. The note is visible from My Inbox on the iOS and Desktop. To add a note, select an item in My Inbox and choose the icon in the top right. From the menu choose "Add Conversation Note":

You can add notes to conversations in the Team Inbox. Team Inbox also supports @mentions in the notes. @mentions will trigger an email notification to the person mentioned. 

Recently Active Leads

Access lead activity by clicking the activity icon:

New Leads - Displays the most recently created leads:

Emails - Shows leads who have opened or clicked an email.

Website - Displays the most recent activity on your website, including viewed and saved properties:

Calendar & Tasks

Quickly See All Upcoming Appointments and Tasks In One View

  • Tasks: Indicated by orange checkbox
  • Appointments: Indicated by pink circle

Create an Appointment or Task from Calendar Screen

1. Click the plus sign at the upper-right:

2. Choose the type of calendar event you would like to create:

3. Enter event details.


  • Enter name of task, date, and assignee. Time is optional.
  • Click "Save" to create the task:


  • Enter title, date, and time. The description and location are optional. Choose to add invitees or send invitation emails at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click "Create" to save appointment:

Add Appointment from Lead Profile

1. Open lead profile and click "Calendar"

2. Click "Add Event" in blue:

3. Choose Event Type:

Accessing Your Contacts


1. Easily pull up contacts by clicking the magnifying glass at the top-right of any screen:

2. The contacts you accessed the most recently will automatically appear for your convenience:

People Tab

Click the people icon to access contacts by Smart List or Stage:

The Smart Lists section provides easy access to the lists created from the desktop app:

The Stages section gives you the ability to just see leads in a certain stage, e.g. Hot Prospects:

Adding a Contact

Click the plus sign at the top-right to add a contact:

If you would like to assign this lead to someone else, tap where it says "Assigned to" then choose an agent:

Reassigning a Lead

1. Open the contact record and click where it says "Assigned To"

2. Tap the name of the new agent, then click "Select"


Never miss a new lead or communication: Enable push notifications as shown here.