Import contacts from Liondesk

You can export your entire LionDesk contact database and contact comment notes directly into Follow Up Boss. Let's get started!

Need Help? You can Email your contacts file and events file to and we can help import them. You can find more details on how importing works in our importing guide.  Learn more >

1) Export your Contact & Event files from Liondesk 

You can bring your contacts from LionDesk into Follow Up Boss using these steps Learn More >

2) Importing Your Contacts

3) Importing Your Events File

You can also import your Lion Desk Event files and we'll upload all the comment notes to each contact.

Viewing Past Imports

You can see past imports by heading over here


How do I know when my Event File is done processing?

 These files are sometimes very large and can take time to load often even hours. Don't worry give it some time and you can always check view past imports for status. 

I'm getting a Failed to Import my Events file? 

This can happen when we don't detect the file you are using as a proper Event file we support.  You can Email your contacts file and events file to and we can help import them. 

What happens when I delete my Contacts + Event Files?

When you delete an import we remove all associated Contacts and Event notes imported from the two files. This includes removing any notes imported that were added to any existing leads in Follow Up Boss.

What do I do if I see a message telling me "Event File Detected"? 

This can happen if you upload your Events file first instead of your contacts file. Please start your import over and select your Contacts file first. We'll handle your Events file in Step 2.