Merge Contacts

Merging Duplicate Contacts

If you have two or more of the same contact, use the Merge Contacts action to combine them into one contact.

1. Search for the contact's name, and click "View list of people" to see them on the same screen.

2. Select the contacts you would like to merge, and then choose 'Merge Contacts' from the Mass Actions menu. You can merge up to 10 contacts at once.

You'll see a pop-up asking you to select the main contact to merge data to. All information from the contacts will be transferred to the main contact that you select. 

The main contact you merge to will keep its Name, Assigned Agent, Assigned Lender, Stage, and action plan will continue running (if one was running). Additional information from the merged contacts will be added to the main contact (Notes, etc). 

The merged contacts not designated as the main contact will have their action plans paused, and stage changed to Trash.

Merging Related Contacts

If you have related contacts, ie Husband and Wife, on separate contacts, you can merge them into one with a Relationship. (Learn more about Relationships (Power-Up)) This is helpful for tracking conversations with each person in the same place.

Use the same steps as above, but choose "Merge people as relationships". 

You can also use the Merge an existing contact button on a person's page to search and merge to a Relationship.