Search by Contact Info

You can search in Follow Up Boss by name, email, phone number, contact address and notes.

Our search also includes close match's for example if you have a contact named Meghan searching for Meg would also find the contact.

Search by Note

You can click the "Notes" tab to just see notes results.

Searching by State or Zipcode

As you can search by address you can also search by State and Zip code, type in the search bar then choose the "see all results" option at the bottom of the search dialog.

Pro tip: as the search includes other fields like name, email etc, you can get more specific by doing the state name and the first number of the zip code e.g. "TX 7" for everyone in Texas with a zip code starting with 7.

We will be adding another column on the people screen for more precise filtering by zip code, state and street in future as well.