Some tags in Follow Up Boss are created and attached to a lead automatically by the system. Here are a few scenarios that would cause a tag to be automatically added on to a lead by the system.

- Seller Lead

- Bounced email

- Zip codes and cities of inquiry addresses

- Unsubscribed

- Lead sources ex: Ylopo

- Deleted Agent's name will be auto-tagged when account is deleted

Disabling Autotags

Account Owners can disable lead-source generated autotags such as zip code and city by navigating to Admin > Tags, then clicking, "Turn off auto-tagging new leads."

System generated tags such as bounced email or unsubscribe cannot be disabled. 

Removing the Unsubscribe Tag

If a lead expresses that they would like to opt back into automated communication, our team can resubscribe the lead as shown here.