Schedule Email

Build better relationships and always be a step ahead in your follow up by utilizing the email scheduling feature. Staying in touch has never been easier!

Use scheduled emails to:

  • Wish contacts "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary" on the exact date.
  • Stay top-of-mind when leads say they'll be ready to work with an agent after a certain time period.
  • Send emails the next morning or afternoon if you're working late.
  • Email contacts during times when they are most likely to open your email. 
  • Remind clients of important dates or deadlines.

How to Schedule Individual Emails

1. Click the "Send Email" tab from inside the contact record:

2. Compose your message or use an email template:

3. Click the clock icon:

4. Choose a pre-selected timeframe or pick a custom date and time:

5. Your email is scheduled! You can see scheduled emails at the top of the contact's timeline:

How to Schedule Batch Emails

1. Compose your email. (More on creating Batch Emails)

If you're an admin, you can email on behalf of assigned agents as shown here.

2. Choose if you would like to email all contacts on the record. (Great for spouses!)

3. Preview your email:

4. Click the clock icon:

5. Choose a pre-selected timeframe or pick a custom date and time:

6. Confirm! You can see scheduled batch emails under Reporting > Batch Emails.

How to Cancel Scheduled Email

Cancel Individually Scheduled Email

Cancel Scheduled Batch Email

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