Google Calendar

If your Follow Up Boss account is connected to a Google Apps or Gmail account, tasks with a date and time in Follow Up Boss will show up in your Google Calendar.

Tasks without a time e.g. action plan tasks will not show up in Google Calendar.

The event will include all the contact information of the person and details of the task. In addition, the event will include a link to the person in Follow Up Boss.

If a task was synced to your Google Calendar, you will see a small "G" icon next to the time of the task. Click the icon to go to the event in your Google Calendar. From Google Calendar, you can edit the event to set up alerts, for example.

Syncing with your iPhone

Make sure "Follow Up Boss" is ticked here


  1. Make sure you are looking at the same Google Calendar account as Google account you have connected to Follow Up Boss.
  2. Make sure you have the "Follow Up Boss" calendar turned on.
  3. Make sure you are creating a task that has both a date and time in Follow Up Boss.

Events removed from Google Calendar still showing in Follow Up Boss

If you run into a situation where events you've removed from your Google Calendar are still flowing into your Follow Up Boss calendar, you'll want to disconnect and reconnect your Google connection in order to re-sync the events. You'll be able to disconnect from your Settings or by navigating to this page and using the disconnect button as seen below: