Using Lead Metadata

Follow Up Boss supports the lead metadata standard ( for our lead emails. Using this format will ensure that even if the look and layout of an email from your lead source changes, we can still extract all of the information about a lead without issue. If you are having issues with a lead source not providing correct information to Follow Up Boss from an email, you should contact the lead provider and ask if they can add lead metadata.

If you are implementing lead metadata, make sure you add the required field of lead_information_version. See the specification for more details.

What information can Follow Up Boss receive via lead metadata?

All of the standard fields mentioned in the spec

  • Source
  • Type
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Property Address
  • MLS Number
  • Message

Special custom fields

  • lead_assigned_agent: The name of a Follow Up Boss agent or admin to assign this lead to. Note: This only applies to new leads
  • lead_loan_officer: The name of a Follow Up Boss lender to assign this lead to. Will not overwrite existing assigned lenders.
  • lead_tag: You may send in tags using this field name. To send in multiple tags do not group them together in a single metadata field. Instead add a lead_tag <meta> tag for each one.

Other custom fields that will appear below the lead's message on the timeline in Follow Up Boss

  • lead_max_price
  • lead_primary_zip
  • lead_time_frame
  • lead_financing
  • lead_loan_transfer_type
  • lead_title_officer
  • lead_title_officer_email
  • lead_title_officer_phone

I need support for another custom field in Follow Up Boss!

Contact us at and we'll be happy to discuss adding the custom field to Follow Up Boss.