Leads Stopped Coming into FUB

If you received a lead notification email from a lead source, but did not get notified of the lead in FUB, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you.

1. Check the email address your lead notification was sent to. It should be your your connected Google address in FUB (Account Owners only) or your FUB lead email address example.example@fub.me. If the lead was not sent to either address, you'll need to log into that lead provider account and make sure lead notifications are sent to the correct email.

2. Search for the lead in FUB. If the lead is already in FUB, you will not receive a new lead alert. Search by email address or name to check FUB for the lead. It’s possible to receive a lead notification from your lead provider, but the lead already exists in FUB and is assigned to another agent. If that is the case, this is what you will see in FUB:

3. Review the lead source. If the lead is not from one of our supported lead providers, we may be unable to process the lead.

4. Make sure your integrations are set up correctly:

If you’ve checked all of this, forward the original lead notification email to support@followupboss.com and we will look into the source of the problem!