JotForm - Free Custom Forms

JotForm is a platform for creating custom webforms. Get started for free by signing up on

Jotform is great for: 

  • Embedding forms on your website and having those entries flow into Follow Up Boss.
  • Distributing manually entered leads to agents via round robin or First to Claim. (E.g. Phone leads, people you meet in person or at events, etc.)
  • Quick forms that can be used as simple landing pages.
  • In-person client intake.

Creating Your Form

 1. Log into Jotform and access the "My Forms" tab:

2. Click "Create Form" in orange. (We recommend a Classic format, blank form.)

3. Follow the prompts to create your form. This can be as simple or complex as you like. The minimum requirement is an email address or phone number field. 

Here's an example of form creation within Jotform:

Most FUB users will create simple forms, though there's no limit to the complexity of forms you can build with Jotform. For more information, see their help center. 

Integrating Your Form with FUB

1. Now that your form is created, you'll use the "Settings" tab to send the information you collect over to Follow Up Boss:

Things you will need:

2. After following the steps to integration your form, click Publish:

3. You can access your form using the provided direct link (great for internal usage), or embed the form into your website using the options provided.

They offer direct copy/paste code, or direct integrations with providers like Wordpress, Facebook, Squarespace, and Wix:

Testing & Setting Up Lead Flow

1. Use the direct form link to enter a sample entry using lead information not already in Follow Up Boss:

2. In Follow Up Boss, you will now see a new source under Admin > Lead Flow:

3. Use the dropdowns to select a default agent, lender, and/or action plan for these leads:

All new leads entered via this form will now follow these rules! You can also use Advanced Lead Flow to route based off tag, price, etc.

This works just like a regular lead source: