Google Forms + Zapier Integration = Open House Lead Capture

A great (free) way to collect information at an open house, add those people to Follow Up Boss, and start an action plan automatically is to use Google Forms, Zapier, and Follow Up Boss together!

Follow this guide and you'll never need to manually enter another open house list into FUB again.

What You Will Need

  • A Google account: gmail (free) or GSuite (paid, branded Google email)
  • A Zapier account: This zap uses the free Zapier account; no need to upgrade.
  • Follow Up Boss

Quick Links

Before your open house:
1. Create your Google Form
2. Set up the zap in Zapier
3. Set up automations in Follow Up Boss
On the day of your open house:
Use it

To Set It Up (before the Open House)

Create your Google Form

  1. Create a new Google Form. The Google Form is what you'll use to collect information during the open house. Google has a great guide for creating a Google Form here.

    Be sure your form includes First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Email at a minimum. Your form should also allow multiple responses (so it can be filled out again and again).

    Advanced: You can also ask additional questions (ie Are you already working with an agent? or Would you like me to send you the latest information about similar homes for sale?) in your form.

  2. Fill out your form with a fake lead's contact info. Zapier will use this dummy info to help you build the zap. 
    Pro-tip: Use a completely fake name, email, and phone number so a new lead will be made in FUB.

  3. Create a Google Sheet for the Google Form to update with responses. Zapier will use this spreadsheet in the next step. 

Set up the Zap in Zapier

Zapier is the middle-man here. When someone fills out your Google Form, Zapier will "zap" that contact into Follow Up Boss as a new lead.

  1. Create a zap between Google Forms and Follow Up Boss, or click this link to get started. The zap should be triggered by a "New Response in Spreadsheet" and the action should be "New Inquiry or Website Event".
     If you're brand new to Zapier, we have more detailed information about it here.

  2. In the Trigger step of the zap, connect your Google account, choose the spreadsheet you created for responses in Google Forms, and let Zapier fetch the dummy data you entered in the form earlier.

  3. In the Action step of the zap, connect Follow Up Boss using your API key, (found in your account here), and be sure to pick New Inquiry or Website Event because this will let you start an action plan for these new leads automatically. 

    In the Customize Event section of the zap, you'll map the info your Google Form collects to how that info should be used in FUB. We recommend:
    Event Type = General Inquiry
    First Name = First Name input on form
    Last Name = Last Name input on form
    Email Address = Email input on form
    Phone Number = Phone number input on form
    Source = Open House

    If you asked other questions on the form, Message is a good place to include those questions and responses. (Advanced: if you will be using advanced lead routing rules based on people's answers to the questions, use Tags to tag new leads with their answer.)

  4. Test your zap. View the lead in Follow Up Boss to make sure the information came in the way you expected. Pro-tip: If you need to edit the zap and re-test it, delete the lead from FUB so it will be created (not updated) when you re-test the zap.

  5. Turn your zap on! Remember to give your zap a good name so it's easy for you to find again in your Zapier account if you need to edit it in the future.

Set up Lead Rules in Follow Up Boss

Now that you have the Open House lead flow set up, you can choose what happens when the next real lead comes in through it.

  • Action Plan: On the Lead Flow page in your FUB account, choose the action plan you want to start automatically for new open house leads. We recommend starting with this one: Open House Leads action plan

  • Agent: We'll automatically assign leads from the Open House to the person whose API Key was used in the zap. If you want to assign the leads to another agent, ISA, or a team of agents, you may choose who gets the leads from the Lead Flow page.

  • Advanced: If you are routing leads by tag, you can set up those advanced lead routing rules now as well.

To Use It (On the day of the open house)

  1. Open a browser on your laptop or tablet. 
  2. Go to your Google Form.
  3. When people arrive at your open house, ask them to please sign in on your laptop/tablet. 

Each time someone fills out the form, Zapier will "zap" their info straight into Follow Up Boss! The Lead Rules you set up (above), like the action plan starting, will happen automatically. 

After your Open House, you can see all your new leads in Follow Up Boss. That's a great time to send a batch email thanking them again for dropping by and asking if they're actively looking for a new home!