Connect Brokermint and Follow Up Boss to manage your leads, clients and transactions in one place while eliminating double entry and most importantly save your time!

How does the FUB integration work?

When a deal is created in  Follow Up Boss, it will sync to Brokermint back office as an incoming transaction. 

What information can be synced from FUB integration?

  • Sync Follow Up Boss contacts, leads, and clients to the back office
  • When a deal is created in Follow Up Boss, it creates an incoming transaction in Brokermint
  • Both Agent and Source are pulled from FUB to Brokermint as Contacts
  • Any CRM recorded changes in Follow Up Boss will always be synced to the back office
  • Custom field mapping between both systems

How can I activate and configure my FUB integration?

Below you can find a detailed breakdown of all the steps you need to go through to activate and configure the integration.

Step 1: Log in to your Brokermint account, navigate to the User > Add-ons page and click on the Follow Up Boss icon.

 Step 2: Then hit the Get Started button to begin the process. 

Step 3: Enter your Follow Up Boss API key

Step 4: Move the toggle for syncing:

  • Contacts into Brokermint - This syncs all FUB contacts to Brokermint. We recommend you keep this setting off so that you are adding contacts to Brokermint when you accept the incoming transactions. 
  • Deals as incoming transactions from FUB - This syncs all of your active FUB deals as Incoming Transactions in Follow Up Boss. 
  • Brokermint transactions to FUB - This syncs all of your Brokermint deals into Follow Up Boss. This can cause duplicates if you already have manually entered deals into Brokermint. We recommend you keep this setting off if you have existing deals in Brokermint. 

With "Pull deals from Follow Up Boss as incoming transactions in Brokermint" and "Push Brokermint transaction data to Follow Up Boss as deals" on, you will have a two-way sync between both systems. 

View the full set up instructions here. Schedule a live demo with Brokermint today. 

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