Glossary of Terms

Learn the Follow Up Boss lingo with this Glossary of Terms. Click on any of the links to learn more!

Action Plans- Action Plans automatically do a series of actions with your lead. They're most commonly used to help engage new leads by sending an initial text or a series of drip emails. They can also do things like create a Task, add a Tag, or even change the lead's Stage.

Background- A place for your most important notes or updates. Examples: Looking for a 3 BR; Pre-qual for 300k; On vacation until October, etc.

Batch Email- You can send an email to a group of people within Follow Up Boss. Great for newsletters, market updates, or open houses!

Calling- With certain Follow Up Boss plans, you can dial right from the Follow Up Boss website or app. Calls are automatically tracked and can optionally be recorded. Ideal for ISAs and high volume agents.

Collaborators- Need to share access to your lead with another team member? Add them as a collaborator.

Company Number- A.K.A. your Texting number. Texts you send through FUB will come from your Company Number. It's a local number, and we'll smart-route calls and texts to it back to the right agent automatically!

Connected Email- You can find your Connected Email here. When you connect your email, you can send and receive emails with your leads from your regular inbox or in Follow Up Boss, and we’ll automatically sync all your email communication.

Custom Fields- Custom fields are created by account owners to track dates and other important data. Great for using in Smart Lists!

Email Templates- Save time by making an Email Template for emails you send regularly. Use merge fields to instantly personalize the template. You can also share templates with your team; great for on-brand messaging!

Groups - Use groups to automatically distribute leads among agents in a round robin or with First to Claim.

Inbox- Inbox shows you all calls, texts, and emails from any contact in Follow Up Boss. This focused inbox excludes marketing emails, bills, and spam, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Inbox Lead Processing- When you connect your email, Follow Up Boss can automatically pick up your new leads from hundreds of lead providers!

Initial Text Message- Follow Up Boss can send one automated text message to new leads via an Action Plan. Guarantee that your Speed to Lead is unmatched!

Integrations- You can extend the functionality of Follow Up Boss by connecting it to other systems you use. Examples: Lead Providers, IDX, Email Marketing, etc.

Lead Flow- The Lead Flow screen allows you to automate who gets each lead that is brought into Follow Up Boss and which action plan is automatically started. Choose exactly where your leads should go and the messaging they’ll get!

Log Calls- Easily remember your last phone conversation by logging your call notes in Follow Up Boss. You can log calls on your computer, iPhone, or Android

Mass Actions- You can quickly mass update Tags, Source, Stage, and Assigned Agent using Mass Actions on the People screen!

Quick Text/Call- Need to make a call right away? Quickly call or text from any screen using the Quick Call or Quick Text buttons. 

Shared Inbox- Shared Inboxes are additional company phone numbers that can be used for receiving calls and texts as a team. Great for marketing materials and signs because calls can be broadcast to the entire team!

Sharing Emails- Need a team member to see your communication with a lead? Sharing emails allows everyone working with the lead to see all emails with that lead. Great for team collaboration, hand-offs from an ISA, and looping in your transaction coordinator.

Smart Lists- Smart Lists are a saved set of filters on the People Screen. Perfect for quickly filtering down your database to see your highest priority leads. Check out our Recommended Smart Lists.

Source- Source tells you where a lead came from so you can see which lead sources are providing the best ROI. Examples: Referrals, Open Houses,, etc.

Stages- Stages are perfect for tracking your relationship with a contact. Follow Up Boss has Recommended Stages pre-loaded. Ideal for using with our Recommended Smart Lists!

Tags- Tags allow you a flexible way to group your contacts. Unlike Stages, a contact may have multiple tags. Example tags: Buyer, Seller, Christmas Party, Newsletter, or Preferred Zip Code or Neighborhood.

Text Templates- Save time by making a Text Template for texts you send regularly. Use merge fields to instantly personalize the template. You can also share templates with your team; great for on-brand messaging!

Texting- Easily text straight from your computer or Follow Up Boss app! These texts are tracked alongside your calls and emails so you’ll have all communication in one place. You will see replies in your Inbox and as a notification on your app!

Users/Roles- Follow Up Boss accounts have five different roles: Owner, Admin, Agent, Lender, and ISA/Account Team Leader (only available for Platform accounts). Each role has its own set of permissions.