Inviting Your Team & Team Management

Adding a User

To invite your team click Admin > Team > Add Users

Billing Details:

  • Your account will be charged for each additional user.
  • Upon adding a user, you will be automatically charged the pro-rated rate for the remainder of your current billing period (monthly or annual).
  • You will see a confirmation screen showing this charge before inviting the user.


Access Levels:

  • Account Owner - can change billing and export database
  • Broker/Admin - access to all contacts and can delete leads
  • Agent/Lender - access to leads which are assigned to them, cannot delete leads

Account Owner and Broker/Admins can edit the users access level whenever they would like. Like this:

The Process:

Once a user is invited to your team, they receive an email where they can setup a password to access your team's FUB account.

If your team member hasn't yet accepted this email invitation, you will see "Invite Sent" next to their name, with the option to resend the invite, if needed:

If "Resend" doesn't appear, then the user has accepted their invite. If they don't remember the password their password, it can be reset here.

Team Management

The Team screen gives you an overview of all users in your account. From left to right you can see:

1) Their Name & Login Email

2) User Role (E.g. Owner, Admin, Agent, or Lender)

3) Phone Number

4) Connected Email

  • Orange indicates their email is not connected, and they need to follow these instructions from their login.
  • A green checkmark indicates that they have their email connected.
  • The blue arrows indicate that they have email sharing turned on.

5) Their last login via Web and Mobile App

6) If they have the ability to Export contacts. (These permissions can be enabled by Account Owner only.)

You can edit a user's details by clicking "Edit" to the right of their name.