Calling Basics

Make, Record, and Log Calls with a Single Click in Follow Up Boss

This has been one of the most heavily requested features from Follow Up Boss customers. Like everything we do, we spent hours upon hours with our power user customers understanding how to build a tool that seamlessly fit into their workflow and wouldn’t just provide incremental benefit, but transformational benefit to their team and how they operate.

Calling in Follow Up Boss is Perfect For:

  • Teams who are using ISAs for high volume lead follow up
  • Agents making 10+ calls per day to new leads, nurture leads, and past clients

Note: Calling limited to U.S. and Canada only.


Quick Call

Easily dial from any screen in using our Quick Call feature.

Here's how it works:

1. Click the green call button at the top right of your screen:

2. Start typing the name of a contact to dial someone in your database:

Or, enter any number that you would like to dial:

3. While on a call, click the dialpad icon at the top-left if you need to input any numbers, such as an extension:

4. Optional: If you're dialing a new number, click "Add" at the top-left during your call to make them a contact in Follow Up Boss:

Making Calls from Lead Profile

Once you’ve reviewed what you want to about the contact, simply click their phone number to start dialing.

During the call, you can take notes about what’s discussed and next steps in the Log Call box.

Then, once you hang up, you can simply click ‘Log Call’ and the notes will show up on that call log along with the call duration and time stamp.

If your admin has call recording enabled, you may click the play button on the call log to listen to it again. It can be helpful to listen to the call recording for coaching or self-instruction purposes, or just to review some information you might have missed during the call.

If you need to dial an extension or press a button during the call, click the keypad icon and enter the number(s).

Incoming Calls

When a call comes in to your FUB number, it will ring on your computer and you’ll see the call details at the top of your screen.

If the person is already in your database, their name will appear at the top of the screen. You can click their name to view their profile where you can easily review past communications and make notes about your current call.

If they’re not already in the database, you’ll see an ‘Add Person’ button. Click this button to add them to your database so you can capture their detailed information and organize your future follow ups with them.

Missed Calls/Voicemails

You can choose to forward missed calls to your phone or to your Follow Up Boss voicemail. This can be configured on your My Settings page. If you are using your Follow Up Boss voicemail, you may record a personalized voicemail message.

If you miss a call in the system, it will show up in the contact’s timeline, and also right inside your Inbox.

In the inbox you’ll see a handy ‘Return Call’ button to call them back right away, or you can click their name to be taken back to their profile.

Voicemails will show up in both places too, but will also be accompanied by a play button so you can listen to the message.

Email notifications for missed calls or voicemails

Only sent when:

  • The "Forward to my phone" option is selected, but you don't have a phone number set.
  • You miss a call from a phone number that isn't in your database.


Having most of your calls happen inside Follow Up Boss provides you with some very powerful reporting opportunities.

We’re able to show you at a glance the volume of calls in each category, as well as the number of different people related to those calls.

You can quickly see how many calls were made overall, how many of those of those calls were answered (excluding voicemails), how many conversations were had (a conversation is defined as a call lasting more than five minutes), how many incoming calls were received, and total talk time.

You can adjust your time-frames to easily see volumes over the course of a day, week, month, etc.

Click here for more info on reporting

Call Lists

With the calling add-on you can create a list of people to call and advance to the next person with a single click.

Click here for more info on call lists

Note: you must have the paid calling feature enabled to use this feature.  Click here to learn more about how to enable this feature.