Call Lists

Call Lists let you call a list of leads quickly. By using the Call List feature, you'll be able to call your leads at lightning speed, saving you time from clicking around and keeping you focused on your list.

You will need our Pro or Platform plan to use Call Lists.

How to Create a Call List

Simply select the leads you want to call. You can use the Select All checkbox to call the whole list, or choose specific contacts from the list.

We will automatically skip contacts with no numbers, or numbers that have been marked as bad in Follow Up Boss. If a person has multiple phone numbers, we'll use the first number on their profile. You can stay on the contact's page and try other numbers, if needed.

Making Calls with Your call List

When on the phone during a call list session, you'll see a banner at the top of the page. 

This shows some extra information such as a link to the full list, a button to skip instantly to the next person, and your position in the list. As soon as a call starts, we'll bring you to the page of the person you are speaking to for easy access to take notes and view history.

Between calls, you can take notes, send a text, or take a break and keep your spot in the list. When you're ready to resume, press the Next button to call the next person. If you want to hide the call bar, press the red x near the middle of the screen. Even if you hide your call list you can resume it at any time (see below).

Resuming a Call List in Progress

Follow Up Boss will automatically resume your call list if you navigated away from the page or reloaded with it open.

If you've previously hidden a call list without finishing it, you can always resume it by clicking the call list button at the top of the people table, and choosing resume existing list.