Managing your phone numbers

When at least one user has the calling add-on enabled in Follow Up Boss, you will see the 'Phone Numbers' tab appear in the Admin menu. From this page you can change the numbers of your users, and even reassign them to different roles.


The Phone Numbers page will show you every phone numbers available on your Follow Up Boss account. That is, every number that is currently in use as well as any numbers that have been released.

Note: Changes made on this page will not affect billing. To purchase additional calling add-ons for your users, the owner must goto the Billing tab.

Swapping Numbers

You can reassign any number to another user, shared inbox, or the company number. Find the number you would like to reassign, click on the 'Actions' dropdown and choose 'Swap Number'.

On the popup that appears, use the dropdown menu to select the number you would like to exchange with the one you have chosen. 

The two numbers will swap their assignments. You can use this functionality to assign a user number to the company number, give a user's number to another user, etc. This is also useful when a number is accidentally released and you want to reassign it back to the original user.

Changing a number

If you would like to discard a number and receive a new one, select 'Change number' from the 'Actions' dropdown menu. From this popup, you can enter in up to 6 digits that you would like the number to start with, and then choose a new number from the list that appears.

The old number will then be released and appear on this page for 30 days before being permanently deleted. You can use the steps outlined above to reassign the released number back if you made a mistake.