File Attachments

Attaching Files to Leads

1. To attach a file to a lead's profile, first open up the lead's profile.

2. Navigate to the right hand side of the screen.

3. Click the + under the Files section (shown below):

4. Select your file or files (multiple files can be selected at once).

Note: You can also drag and drop one or more files onto the file section to Upload. Leaving the page while a file is uploading will CANCEL the upload.

File uploads will have a progress indicator and can be cancelled at anytime during the upload (shown below):

Viewing Files

To view a file in your browser click on the file preview (certain file types such as .PDF will download instead):

  • The file can also be downloaded or deleted permanently
  • Hover over the date/time to see who uploaded the file

File Information

  • Max File Size: 100mb
  • Allowed Number of Files: Unlimited
  • Disallowed File Extensions: exe, vb, bat, cmd, etc (common harmful file types)

Attaching Files to Deals

1. Navigate to the Deals tab.

2. Open up a deal (files can only be added to existing deals).

3. Click Add Files (shown below):