Editing Your Signature

Add a custom signature to all of your emails from Follow Up Boss

Your signature is an important part of your personal branding. With Follow Up Boss, creating and editing your signature is easier than ever. You can create your own signature scratch, copy and paste an existing signature, or insert HTML for an existing signature. Your signature will be added to the bottom of all emails that are sent from Follow Up Boss. This includes 1:1 emails, batch emails and action plan emails.  

To edit your signature, first, navigate to the My Settings screen

Scroll to the Email section and choose Edit to begin customizing your signature

After editing your signature click "Save".

Adding an Image
To add an image, place the cursor in the text box where you'd like to add the image. Choose the "Insert Image" icon from the controls menu:

Next, choose the image from your computer that you would like to add. Make sure to have a 2:1 text to image ratio. If you need to resize your image, you can use this tool

If you already have your signature created, you can paste the HTML directly to Follow Up Boss. First copy the HTML from the original source. Then choose the "Insert HTML" icon from the controls menu:

If you'd like to replace your existing signature, choose "Replace current HTML".

Signature Best Practices
The right email signature format can help you make a great first impression, make communication seamless and even help drive traffic to your website. It's important that the correct information is available quickly. Here are some things to keep in mind when building your signature:

  • Include your full name
  • Include your phone number (ideally your Follow Up Boss number) and email address so it's easy to get in touch
  • Include your website address 
  • Remember many people will be viewing your signature on their mobile phones. Avoid lengthy signatures and too many images

Signature Creation Tool
If you'd like to level up with your signature, try HoneyBook, a free signature creation too. Once you have designed your signature, choose Finish and then select "Send me my signature":

Once you receive the email, choose to copy the HTML version at the bottom of the email:

Marketing emails
Keep in mind marketing emails such as action plans and batch emails will automatically include your company address and name to comply with the CAN Spam rules, this information can be edited by the account owner on the company settings screen under admin.