Supported Email Providers

Follow Up Boss works with Google's business email service Google Workspace,, and Mircosoft Office 365 Business accounts.

Google (Recommended)

Using a Google-based email makes the Follow Up Boss set up much easier and also provides the best possible experience for syncing your emails and calendar events. Most customers opt to use their own domain name, and then set up emails for themselves and their team using the Google Workspace. You can also use a personal GMail account

You can click here to learn more about their service or give their sales/support team a call directly at 855-265-7673.

Microsoft Office 365

If your company uses Microsoft Office 365, you can connect your email and sync the back and forth conversations you're having with your leads and clients. If you do not have admin access to your Microsoft account, you may need assistance from an administrator to successfully connect your email. Please see the setup guide here for further information. 

Other Emails (Not Recommended)

If you are using a different service such as GoDaddy, Rackspace, Yahoo, AOL or anything from a major telecom/cable provider (eg. Comcast), we recommend upgrading to Google Workspace, a personal GMail account, or a Mircosoft Office 365 Business accounts. 

GoDaddy / Rackspace

In order to upgrade, you can keep your domain with GoDaddy/Rackspace, and the GSuite service will walk you through some very simple steps to enable the GSuite service with your domain name hosted at GoDaddy.

Yahoo, AOL or anything from a major telecom or cable provider (eg. Comcast)

These providers do not allow third-party systems to send marketing emails on your behalf, we do not recommend their use with Follow Up Boss (this is called a DMARC restriction).

If you're using one of these email services, we'd recommend getting a domain name registered directly with  Google/GSuite and setting up emails using that branded domain using GSuite

This will benefit you in terms of better branding for your business e.g., better software integrations, better spam filtering, and better email features in general. 

Note: You can point your old email address to your new one so you will not miss any emails.