Connect Office 365 Email with OAuth

Connect your Office 365 email address

Take the following steps to connect your Office 365 email address to Follow Up Boss. Learn more about connecting your email here

  1. Click on My Settings
  2. Choose "Sign in with Microsoft"
  3. Pick the account you would like to connect to Follow Up Boss
  4. Choose "Accept" to give Follow Up Boss permission to access to your Microsoft account

Disconnect your Office 365 email address

If you would no longer like your Office 365 email address connected to Follow Up Boss, take the following steps:

  1. Click on My Settings
  2. Choose "Disconnect" next to your email address

Troubleshoot your Office 365 OAuth connection

Enable SMTP Authentication

In order to successfully connect your Office 365 account to Follow Up Boss, SMTP must be enabled. To enable SMTP a Microsoft account admin will take the following steps from the Admin Portal. (If you do not have access to Admin Portal, please contact your system administrator and request that SMTP be enabled):
  1. Click "Users" 
  2. Choose "Active Users"
  3. Select a user's name
  4. Under the "Mail" tab in the pop-over window, click "Manage email apps"
  5. Select "Manage Email Apps"
  6. Select Authenticated SMTP and Save:
    NOTE: If it is already selected first uncheck the box and save so it looks like the screenshot below. Then recheck the box and save again.

Mimecast or Proofpoint

If you are using Mimecast or Proofpoint, you will be unable to connect your email to Follow Up Boss. To check if you are using a security layer such as this go to, enter your domain and choose MX lookup.

If you see Mimecast or Proofpoint listed on this page, you will be unable to connect.

Connecting Outlook or Hotmail

OAuth is not supported for Outlook or Hotmail accounts. If you try to connect, you will see an error. We recommend that you use a Microsoft Business account or switch to Google Workspace or a free GMail account.

If that is not possible, you can try to connect your Outlook or Hotmail email using these instructions. Note: Microsoft is soon deprecating the username + password. 

Requesting admin consent to connect to Follow Up Boss

To connect your Office 365 email to Follow Up Boss using OAuth, you must first have permission from your Microsoft admin to give apps consent. If you do not have permission, when you attempt to connect to Follow Up Boss you will see this pop up prompting you to request access from an admin:

When you see this, type in a reason and choose "Request approval". This will send your Microsoft admin an email prompting them to give you access. Your Microsoft admin can either approve Follow Up Boss directly or they can go to this link to give you access to approve apps. While you are waiting you can connect a different email.