Filter Out Spam Sent to Lead Email Address

If you are receiving many spam, marketing, or other unwanted emails that say at the top "Below email was forwarded to you by Follow Up Boss", follow these simple steps to filter them out of your Inbox in Gmail or Google Apps.

1. Locate one of such emails, click to open it, click on the message menu in the top right corner (next to the Reply button), and select "Filter messages like this":

2. Gmail will automatically populate From:, so you can just click "Create filter with this search" link below to move to the next step:

3. Tick "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)" and "Apply the label". Then click "Choose Label" > "New Label" to create a new label for such emails. You can name this label "Forwarded from FUB" or similar. Click "Create filter" button to complete creating of the filter.

Note: If you want to move existing emails from your inbox, tick the box for "Also apply filter to X matching messages."

That's all! From now on, all new emails that Follow Up Boss couldn't recognize and forwarded to you will be filtered out of your Inbox and filed under "Forwarded from FUB" label.