Why did my action plan email fail to send?

Action Plan emails can occasionally fail to reach your leads due to various reasons. You can use the following information to understand why this may have happened.

Failed to send

This means that the email was never sent from Follow Up Boss due to a problem.

The most common reason for this message is that no email address was present when the lead entered Follow Up Boss. Please check the earliest timeline event to see if an email address came in with the lead's information. It is possible that the email address was added by a later event, but action plan steps triggering an email immediately after the lead entered Follow Up Boss did not have access to this information and therefore failed.

Another reason why an email might have failed to send is if the lead previously unsubscribed, or is known by the system to be an invalid address. In this case, Follow Up Boss will not attempt to email this address again.

Finally, this message can occur if an email template needed to send the action plan email was deleted.

Failed to deliver due to bounce

This means that Follow Up Boss attempted to deliver the message, but failed to reach the person's inbox due to a problem.

Please see this article covering why this may have occurred.

Failed to deliver

This message might appear for a failure if the person previously unsubscribed from Follow Up Boss marketing emails from a different account or their email address was previously bounced or found to be invalid.

Will be sent later

Action plans emails configured for the 2nd day or later are sent daily from 11:30am to about 5pm Eastern time. If an action plan email is due today and hasn't been sent yet, don't worry; it will be sent later this day.