Troubleshooting DMARC and SPF issues

For situations when all of your Action Plan emails fail to bounce:

Because we send out your Action Plan emails through our SendGrid account to help make sure you don't hit your daily email limit, depending on your settings through your email provider there may be situations where we cannot send these on your behalf. If you notice that every email fails to send via Action Plans, there are two things we can do to help fix this and get those emails going out again.

If you click on the name of the action plan from the lead's profile and it looks like this, most likely your email host is preventing us from sending emails as you.

The first option is to disable the DMARC by going to your email settings and changing the DMARC record to:

v=DMARC1; p=none;,

Note that you will want to change where it says "" to your correct email domain. This will disable DMARC for your provider which means that other companies can send email that looks like it's coming from you.

Here is Google's guide for creating a DMARC record for Google Suite:

For Office 365, see the section labeled as Implement DMARC for outbound mail from Office 365:

The second option is to have us switch your account to make it so that action plan emails send through your connected email address -- note that if you have a large database and send a lot of action plan emails daily, this could cause you to hit your daily email limit from just action plans. Your daily limit depends on your provider, but most allow for at least 300 per day. If you'd like us to make this change, please email us at