Troubleshooting Microsoft Outbound Email Syncing

Outbound email syncing allows you to send emails from Follow Up Boss directly through your own email. 

With outbound email syncing off, you will still be able to send emails through Follow Up Boss and the responses to those emails will sync to Follow Up Boss. However, you will not see them in your Sent folder in Outlook. 

To enable outbound email syncing take the following steps to enable the SMTP setting in the Microsoft Admin Portal.

NOTE: If you do not have access to the Microsoft Admin Portal, please contact your system administrator and request that SMTP be enabled. 

  1. Click "Users" 
  2. Choose "Active Users"
  3. Select a user's name
  4. Under the "Mail" tab in the pop-over window, click "Manage email apps"
  5. Select "Manage Email Apps"
  6. Select "Authenticated SMTP" and Save:

NOTE: If the SMTP setting is already selected, first uncheck the box and save. Then recheck the box and save again.

Advanced Troubleshooting for System Administrators

You can enable SMTP AUTH at an organization-level. This method requires an admin to run commands via Windows PowerShell (or in a virtual Azure PowerShell instance).

In PowerShell run the command following command to enable SMTP authentication:

Set-TransportConfig -SmtpClientAuthenticationDisabled $false

See full instructions here