Troubleshooting MailChimp sync

Here are some common reasons why contacts in Follow Up Boss may not sync into MailChimp.

1. Contact doesn't have email address.

Contacts that do not have any email address won't be synced into MailChimp. This means that total number of contacts in FUB is likely to be larger than the number of contacts in MailChimp because some of the contacts in FUB may not have email addresses.

2. Email address is unsubscribed

When email is unsubscribed you will see an orange exclamation mark next to it on the Person screen:

3. Email address is bounced

You can see if email is bounced in timeline on the Person screen:

4. Email address is invalid

MailChimp knows some email addresses are not correct and won't accept them. For example is too short or is invalid because domain is misspelled.

5. It takes time to sync all your contacts when connecting MailChimp

When you connect MailChimp, Follow Up Boss pushes your FUB contacts into MailChimp. This initial sync can take a long time depending on how many contacts you have. As a rule of thumb, it takes about 1 hour to sync 5000 contacts. If you don't see all your contacts in MailChimp after you connected it, please check again later.

6. Number of contacts in MailChimp is not updated right away

You can see the number of contacts per list in MailChimp:

MailChimp doesn't update this number right away, there may be a delay before it gets updated. For example when you add a new contact in FUB, it is added to MailChimp in a few seconds, however the total number of contacts in a list may not be updated for a few hours.

7. Search feature in MailChimp doesn't find newly added contacts

The search feature in MailChimp looks like this:

Similar to the number of contacts, search in MailChimp doesn't update right away, it may take some time for the search to be updated after a contact has been added into MailChimp from FUB. For example when you add a new contact in FUB, it is added to MailChimp in a few seconds, however the search feature in MailChimp may not find that contact if you try to search right away.

You can use Segment feature to quickly check if contact is in MailChimp, unlike Search, it's updated immediately:

- Go to the list that is synced with FUB and click "Create A Segment button" at the top of the list:

- Select "Email Address" field and enter the email address you'd like to search for, then click "Preview Segment" button:

8. Some merge fields were marked as Required

We do not recommend modifying Merge Fields on the MailChimp list that is synced with FUB, it may cause issues with sync. In particular if you tick "Required" checkbox of a merge field any contacts that don't have a value for that field in FUB won't be synced into MailChimp:

To fix this issue, untick all "Required" checkboxes (except Email Address which cannot be unticked), then disconnect MailChimp from FUB and re-connected it again. This will trigger full sync and add missing contacts

9. Some merge fields were deleted

If you delete any merge fields on the MailChimp list that is synced with FUB it will break the sync. To fix this issue:

- Disconnect MailChimp from FUB (must be done first)

- Delete the MailChimp list that was synced with FUB

- Create a brand new list in MailChimp

- Reconnect MailChimp in FUB using the new list you just created

10. Custom stage not syncing to MailChimp

When you add or edit custom stages while having MailChimp integration enabled, custom stages are not added to MailChimp automatically. Contacts with custom stages appear with blank stage in MailChimp:

To prevent this problem, please add custom stages in MailChimp after adding them in Follow Up Boss. Go to "List fields and merge tags menu":

Scroll down to "Stage Options", click on the plus icon and enter the new stage you added in Follow Up Boss:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes" button:

Once you do this, any new/updated contacts will be synced into MailChimp with custom stage.

11. I was notified that my Mailchimp integration has become disconnected. 

These are the account errors that will cause the integration to be disabled and how to fix those errors:

  1. Mailchimp account closed or Mailchimp API key no longer valid.
    To resolve this, get a new valid API key from Mailchimp. You will add this to the Follow Up Boss integrations page. 
  2. Mailchimp list is no longer valid
    To resolve this, navigate to the Follow Up Boss integration page and pick a valid list
  3. Mailchimp merge field limit of 30 fields reached.
    To resolve this, remove merge fields in Mailchimp or use a different list
  4. Merge field named {$field['name']} ({$field['tag']}) cannot be required.
    To resolve this, by un-selecting required for the merge field in Mailchimp