Connecting SendGrid API and Sender Verification

If you are running into connection issues with SendGrid due to:

  1. Incomplete sender verification
  2. 2FA/API changes causing connection troubles

We have some steps on how-to set both of these up:

Sender Verification

  • Login to SendGrid, and click on Settings on the lower left
  • From there we are looking for "Sender Authentication" > "Single Sender Verification" > "Create a Sender"
  • SendGrid will send you an email with a link that you need to click on.

2FA/API Changes

  • Once you've clicked on the SendGrid link, back in SendGrid you'll want to go to "API Keys" > "Create an API Key" > "Full Access"
  • In the name, you can put Follow Up Boss
  • And then once that API key is created, go ahead and copy it and we're going to log back into Follow Up Boss
  • In Follow Up Boss we'll go to Admin >Integrations > SendGrid
  • In the username field enter apikey
  • And then, we'll paste the API key from SendGrid into the password field

Here is a detailed video of these changes: