SMS/Text Best Practice

Learn Best Practices for Texting Clients & Leads

The goal of this article is to help educate and provide best practices examples of correct ways to automatically and manually text your leads and clients.

Initial Action Plan Text (Automated)

When a lead is first entered into Follow Up Boss from an outside lead source (your website, Facebook, Zillow,, etc), we give you the ability to send an initial text to that lead as part of an action plan.


Before you set up an initial text auto-responder in Follow Up Boss you'll want to ensure that you have an opt-in form on the site you are generating leads from.

TCPA guidelines stipulate that you must

  • Receive consent before any message can be sent
  • Mention your company name
  • Give the value proposition
  • Mention the frequency of messages that will be sent monthly
  • Disclose possible carrier costs and fees
  • Give an option to ask for help and opt out of future texts


Sites that already provide opt-in for you:

  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Ylopo


Every initial text that you send to a lead (i.e. the first time you text them) should include opt-out verbiage such as Reply STOP to opt-out.


Hi John, thank you for inquiring about 1234 Happy Street on our website.  Would you like more details about the home?  Reply STOP to opt-out.

Numbers that have opted out will be shown in orange (see below):

Individual Texting (Manual)

Manual texting is available from the navigation bar and the lead profile in Follow Up Boss (more on that here).  Individual texts should be reserved for people that you have established a relationship with already.  Here are some common ways to establish a relationship with a lead:

  • You meet them at an open house and obtain their number
  • They fill out a form on your website and you start a conversation after they reply to the initial autoresponder text
  • They fill out a form on Zillow or another lead provider website and you start a conversation after they initial autoresponder text
  • They are a friend, family member, or direct referral to you and know you on a first name basis


  • What if I want to import a list of leads and text them? We would recommend using SendHub, Textedly, or another mass texting service to respond to imported leads that don't have an opt-in.
  • If a lead hasn't opted in or given me consent can I still text them? No.  TCPA laws explicitly state that you must receive opt-in from a lead before you text them.  Cold texting a potential client (or any person) is not permitted.
  • If a lead doesn't respond to my initial auto-responder text can I text them again? We would highly recommend that you do not continue to text leads that have not responded to an initial action plan text.  Treat a "no-response" as an opt-out.
  • Can I copy/paste a template or use Follow Up Boss text templates to speed text leads? No.  That is another form of mass texting that is not permitted on the Follow Up Boss platform.
  • Where can I find official SMS Compliance rules? Our SMS Compliance document explains our rules and has quick links to the US and Canadian anti-spam laws for text.