Text Message Not Delivered due to Carrier Filtering

When you are seeing the NOT DELIVERED status next to a text message accompanied with the text "The recipient's carrier rejected this as spam. Try removing any link or rewording the message and resend. (30007)" your message has been blocked due to Carrier Filtering. 

What is Carrier Filtering?

Carriers have spam/content filtering in place to prevent their customers from receiving unwanted messages. When a carrier detects a message as spam, they will stop the delivery to the recipient.

How does Carrier Filtering work?

Each carrier (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc) has a unique approach to filtering messages. Message filtering can range from a simple static list of prohibited terms, to advanced machine learning systems that constantly adapt based on the messages passing through them.

How do I prevent messages from being filtered?

Below are some guidelines that will greatly reduce the chances that you will have messages filtered.

When using text templates

Be sure that the content you are sending to a lead is personalized. If you are sending out the same template to many leads in quick succession you may be flagged as spam. Be sure to utilize merge fields and vary the content per recipient. 


  • Make sure messages are concise and personalized. Try removing any emojis or even removing some links.
  • Avoid spam words that make exaggerated claims and promises (100%, extra cash, free info, risk-free, etc.).
  • Avoid spam words that create unnecessary urgency and pressure (apply now, call today, exclusive deal, what are you waiting for?).
  • Avoid spam words that look spammy (No cost, credit check, no fees, no interest).
  • Avoid spam words that are legalese (Loans, Mortgage rates, offer, pre-approved, refinance, credit score).
    NOTE: When buying or selling a home, some of these phrases are expected. That is why there are other considerations in determining the legitimacy of a message. However, no automatic system is perfect. If you feel you are being inaccurately filtered because of one of these phrases, please contact support@followupboss.com with the three most recent examples and we will investigate and open a dispute with the carrier. 


If you are sending out messages from the same number at a high volume or with fast frequency, you may be flagged as spam. Slow your sending between text messages and try spreading the volume out throughout the day or even between days. 

Consent and Opt-In
Ensure that you only send messages to mobile users who have provided consent (opted-in) to receive messages from you.