Assigning a Lender

Lender assignment in Follow Up Boss makes it easy for the chosen lender to add notes to the contact, track communication, and work the lead alongside the assigned agent.

Adding a Lender to Your Account

A lender is a "user" in your Follow Up Boss account. Add them under Admin > Team. 


Manual Lender Assignment

Agents can choose a lender using the, "Assigned Lender," dropbox. 

Automatic Lender Assignment

Admins can choose for lenders to be automatically assigned to incoming leads from any source using the Lead Flow screen.


  • Lenders can only see leads assigned to them.
  • You can add as many lenders as you would like, as long as you have open user seats on your plan.
  • Lenders cannot be billed directly. Follow Up Boss is only setup to bill the account owner so it's clear if you part ways who owns the account and leads.
  • It's not required for lenders to connect an email address. Some lenders choose to add notes to the contact, rather than track all back and forth email communication for security reasons.
  • Lenders can see and manage the lead just like the Agents. The difference is that Lenders can only text/call a lead if they have a Dialer in Follow Up Boss.