Lead Flow Groups

The Group feature allows you to combine multiple agents into a user defined group for lead flow. This is what you would use if you wanted to distribute your leads in a Round Robin format or via First to Claim.

To start, go to the Admin tab and select Groups

Next go to Add Group

From here you can do multiple things to customize your group. Here are the steps to set up this window:

Now that your Group is set up, You can go to your Lead Flow page and assign your group to a Lead Source. First, find the source you would like to edit and click on the agent area.

Next, Select your Group from the list instead of a specific agent.

Now your Group is assigned to that lead source:

Additional Information

  • If you hover over the initial icons on group page, this lets you quickly see what agents are apart of that group.
  • If you hover to the right of the last name in the group, you will see a + icon appear that will allow you to edit the group easily.
  • Initials in green indicate the next person in the group who will receive a lead.