Mailing Labels

Create mailing labels to make it easy to send any mailing to multiple contacts.

How to Export Mailing Labels

1. Create a list of people you want to send a mailer to. This can be a smart list or a custom search.

2. Select Address from the Columns pull-down.

3. Filter out people that do not have an address.

4. Check the box in the top row to select all visible people. Click the 'Select all [number]' to include people not visible in the list.

5. Click the People box and select the Mailing Labels option.

6. Read the instructions in the popup window and click the 'Create Mailing Labels' button.

The labels will download in the background and you will see a progress notification in the bottom left of the window. Open the downloaded file to print. You will also be sent an email with a link to the labels.

Printing Instructions

  • Uncheck 'Fit to page' for scale and make sure the scale value is 100%.
  • Select 'Letter' for paper size.
  • Check the alignment of your printed layout by first printing on a plain sheet of paper. Hold the printed sheet behind the Avery product to confirm alignment then print onto the Avery product.
  • Use Avery labels that are compatible with the Avery 5160 template. The sheet will hold 30 labels. Purchase of find a local retailer here:

The labels are formatted to comply with the USPS guidelines for delivery addresses.

We will use the name in the Name column of FUB for the name on the label. If you need to edit the names before printing the mailing labels (to combine a Spouse Name custom field, for example), you can also export the list to a CSV file and use Mail Merge to make the labels.