The Settings screen in the iPhone can be accessed by tapping your initials or avatar in the upper left corner of any screen.  Here's how each setting can help you use the Follow Up Boss iPhone app more efficiently. 

Your app is up to date: If you see this you are using the most recent version of the app and taking advantage of all the newest enhancements and bug fixes. If your app is out of date you'll see "New update available". You can tap that and start to update your app.

Push notifications: Turn these on to receive notifications about calls, texts, emails, and assignments.

Turn on caller ID: Turn this on so you can identify when a Follow Up Boss contact is calling you.

Calling:  Turn this on to track all of your calls in the app.

Always text in app: This is on by default and allows you to automatically text in the Follow Up Boss app.  If you turn this off you'll see a prompt every time you send a text to choose whether to send the text via Follow Up Boss or to send the text via iOS Messages

Report a bug: Tap this to submit a ticket to our Support team and they'll reach out to help with whatever you need!

Acknowledgements: Tap this to see the Terms and Conditions for use of the Follow Up Boss app.

Logout: Tap this to log out of the app.