iOS Calling


The Follow Up Boss team has made a huge core change to how the iOS app makes and receives calls.

This update not only ensures the best call quality available but also makes it dead simple for your team to track and log all their calls while they are out on the road! 

Preparing for Installation

1. Review Your Web Settings

a. Ensure your direct mobile number is entered into the Phone section:

b. Scroll down and select the option, Ring your number and Follow Up Boss at the same time:

c. Save changes

2. Review Your Mobile Settings

a. Enable Caller ID

b. Enable Mobile Calling

Making an Outbound Call

1. From the mobile app, select the person you wish to call. Tap the green call button to initiate:

2. You'll see a prompt letting you know how the call will take place. We'll dial through your cell provider network, but end users will see your FUB Calling number on their Caller ID:

3. Tap the phone number to dial:

4. Calls will automatically log once complete. Tap the call log notification to add additional information:

Receiving an Incoming Call

1. Incoming calls will be routed to your mobile phone and FUB Caller ID will display the contact name:

2. After the call ends, Follow Up Boss will automatically log the call.

3. Tap the call log notification to add additional information.

Additional Options

Record calls for purposes such as tracking and training by enabling Call Recording.


What happens if I miss a call or my client leaves a voicemail?
Missed calls and voicemails to your Follow Up Boss number will trigger a push notification on your app. You can tap the notification to see the call. The call will also be available in the inbox on your app. 


When I click to call my client's number doesn't show up. Why?

When you click to call your client, you will see the number that we use to bridge and log the call. This is called the call bridge number. This number can change between calls. Your client will always see your Follow Up Boss number. The call bridge number is only visible to you. 

What number will show on my client's phone when I call from Follow Up Boss? 
When you make an outbound call, your client will see your Follow Up Boss number as the incoming call. You can find your Follow Up Boss number under My Settings > Calling. If you are calling a lead from within a Team Inbox, the client will see the Team Inbox number.

I was notified of a missed call but my iPhone didn't ring. Why?
This can happen if a number other than your cell phone is not listed under My Settings. Make sure that the phone number for the phone that you wish to receive calls on is listed beneath your name under My Settings.  

Why did the inbound call go right to voicemail?
If your iPhone is off, in Do Not Disturb mode or has "Silence Unknown Callers" turned on, your inbound calls may go straight to voicemail.

What if I don't have a cell phone number listed under My Settings?
If there is not a cell phone number listed, any inbound calls will not be routed to your cell phone. You will see the missed call in the inbox but you will not be notified via push notification. 

Known Limitations

At Follow Up Boss, we are always working to get you the most value. Sometimes that means there are known limitations with new improvements. This just means that we are still working on making it better! 

Inbound Calls to your Follow Up Boss number will sometimes reference your iPhone Contacts list before your Follow Up Contacts list. This means some inbound calls will come through without the "Follow Up Boss Caller ID: [Follow Up Boss Contact Name]"  text as part of the Caller ID.